Graduate Visa Route (Post Study Work)

The UK Government is to introducing the new Graduate Visa immigration route for international students in summer 2021.
  • The Graduate route will be available to international students who have a valid Student visa at the time of application and have completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a higher education provider with a track record of compliance
  • Successful applicants on this route will be able to stay and work, or look for work, in the UK at any skill level for a period of 2 years (3 years for PhD graduates). Graduates will be able to switch into skilled work once they have found a suitable job
  • The new route will be launched in the summer of 2021, meaning that any eligible student who graduate in the summer of 2021 or after will be able to apply for the route. This includes students who have already started their courses, even if, due to COVID-19, they have needed to undertake some of their learning remotely
  • The Graduate Route will include the payment of a visa fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge. The exact fee will be set out in due course
  • You should be able to take most types of employment and self-employment, however, you will not be able to work as a professional sportsperson or as a doctor or dentist in training (except if you studied medicine or dentistry degree in the UK)
  • You should be able to work full time, part time or on a casual or fixed term contract. There is no minimum salary requirement or minimum numbers of hours you can work
  • This scheme doesn't lead to settlement (permanent residency in the UK). Therefore, if your aim is to remain in the UK for longer term, holding this visa will give you a period of 2 years to look for and secure a job which attracts Tier 2 sponsorship, at which point you can switch to a Tier 2 work visa.