Next Steps

As we welcome you to our University there are a number of important things that you must do. These 8 next steps our outlined below and it is important that you engage with all of them. They’re designed to complete your formal matriculation, assist with your studies, and ensure you help us build an inclusive and safe learning community.

You must complete essential steps 1 and 2 below, in order, as soon as possible and steps 3-8 must also be completed before the start of your programme. Please note that you must have set your Edinburgh Napier password before you begin the online matriculation process.   


Step 1 - Matriculation

Matriculation Information 

You need to register officially as a student – this is known as matriculation.

Please login using your Edinburgh Napier email address and password that you've created for all your online services at the University.

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Young  student with headphones listening to music working with laptop computer on office desk.

Step 2 - Photo Manager

Photo Manager - Upload your photo

You need to submit a photo that will be printed on your student card.

Use a mobile device with a camera or have a photo ready to upload.

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Step 3 - Edinburgh Napier App

Download the Edinburgh Napier App

The Edinburgh Napier University app, also known as My Account, gives you personalised access to the University’s online services via your Mobile Device or any browser.

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Student using Edinburgh Napier app

Step 4 - Introduction to Computers and Library

Complete this online process

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure you can use the computing systems and libraries.

This step-by-step overview includes important items for your coursework like accessing Wi-Fi on campus, checking your university emails, printing online resources and finding books on your reading list.

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Hands holding mobile phone showing iNapier app

Step 5 - Health and Safety

Student Health and Safety 

Before you come to campus you must:

  • Read the Covid-19 return to campus life Student Health and safety guidance.
  • Complete the student safe return to campus Covid-19 Checklist
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Students with masks sitting socially distanced on bench outside Craiglockhart campus

Step 6 - Consent Matters

Online Consent Matters Course

This is an online course designed to help all of you understand sexual consent and promote positive change in our university community. We encourage you to complete this course as we think it will make a positive contribution to tackle and prevent sexual violence and misconduct.

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Step 7 - Academic Integrity

Online tutorial

This is a short online tutorial to help you understand how to complete your assessments at university with honesty and integrity. You will learn about the importance of acknowledging your sources in your work and referencing accurately. Completing this course is important in helping you avoid plagiarism in your assignments.

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Step 8 Tackling Harassment

Promoting Cultural Change in Higher Education - Being an Active Bystander

This short online course, written by a panel of internationally recognised experts, will assist you to understand how you can take action as a member of our community to safely intervene when you see, hear or experience behaviours from others that break our expected codes of conduct on our campuses or in our student accommodation.

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