Student Route Visa Responsibilities

As an individual who requires immigration permission to be in the UK it is important that you comply with UK immigration regulations during your stay.  Likewise, the University must also comply with UK immigration regulations by taking reasonable steps to ensure that all registered students who require immigration permission have, and maintain, valid leave for the duration of their studies.

Tier 4 and Student Route visa holders must:

  • supply us with a copy of your passport and your visa (when you receive it)
  • update your student record with any change in your address, telephone number, email address etc
  • pay your fees on time
  • maintain attendance on your course and submit coursework on time
  • attend registration points with our Visa & International Support staff during the academic year
  • check your student email account regularly as this is how the university will contact you regarding your studies and immigration matters
  • be punctual so as to avoid disturbing other students and missing crucial information
  • stay within the working restrictions (generally 20 hours per week during term time)
  • register with the police, if required
  • obtain formal approval from the University for any period of absence of 5 days or more outside University holiday periods. Any request for absence should be made directly to your school office.  You will be required to give details of your absence to state your expected return date. Your request will be sent to the Visa and International Support Team who will consider the amount of time you need away and your visa end date.  This is done to determine whether UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will need to be informed of your time away or not

The University must notify UK & Immigration (UKVI): 

  • if you fail to enrol before the latest enrolment date (as specified on your CAS)
  • of poor or erratic attendance
  • of suspension/withdrawal of your studies
  • if you transfer course. If you hold a Tier 4 or Student Route visa and you change course, the University will inform UKVI if your new course is shorter and your visa may be reduced. If your new course is longer you will be required to make a new Student Route visa application  to complete your course  and this may have to be done outside the UK
  • if you complete your course early the University will inform UKVI
  • if you have more than six months remaining on your current student visa then UKVI will curtail your visa
  • You should contact the Visa and International Support Team for further advice

Any of the reasons above may lead to your visa/sponsorship being withdrawn and your leave to remain in the UK being curtailed (cut short)

Failure to comply with UKVI regulations is likely to have an effect on your present or future studies in the UK