Find a specific journal or article

This page shows you how to find a specific journal article in LibrarySearch, if you know the article you are looking for. Remember: if a database asks you to pay for a specific article - don't pay! Follow the instructions below to get the full text for free.

Find a specific article

Go to LibrarySearch and Sign In. 

  • You can simply enter keywords into the main search box.
  • However, due to the large amount of results, you might not find a specific article on the first page of your results. 

Try using the filters on the right under 'Tweak my results', and selecting under Format > Article to narrow down your results.


Journal article details on a reading list or in another article will look something like this (if the reference includes a volume number and page number it's very likely going to be a journal):

Kotter, J., (2008). Sense of urgency, Leadership Excellence. 25 (3), p.10.
You could enter all the words into the main search box and click "Articles" at the right hand side to narrow your search.

Screenshot of LibrarySearch, showing how to click Format and Article at the right hand side to limit results to show only articles 



Next steps - Find a specific journal

If you can't find the article using a keyword search, you can check if the journal is in the ejournals list.

In LibrarySearch click on Journal Search and enter the title of the journal (not the title of the article). In the example above, that is "Leadership Excellence".

 Screenshot of LibrarySearch showing how to click on JournalSearch and enter the title of a journal

This page tells you how to find a specific journal article when you know what you're looking for. Most of our journals are online but some are only available in print. The print journals are for reference only and cannot be borrowed. 

Find a journal article from a reference - video overview

Can't find the journal?

If Edinburgh Napier University Libraries don't have the journal you are looking for, you may be able to request it from another library. See Inter Library Loans.