TV for Learning

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) gives students and staff at educational institutions access to TV and radio recordings for educational purposes.
BoB allows you to:

  • View TV and radio programmes from the BBC going back to 2007.
  • Choose and record any upcoming broadcast programme from 75+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes will then be kept indefinitely, with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions. 
  • Record missed programmes from a 30 day buffer.
  • Edit programmes into clips, create playlists, link to clips from Moodle, easily create one-click citations.
BA (Hons) Television student using a camera

How do I get started?

BoB is available at Learning on Screen or via the LibrarySearch A-Z Database list.

See BoB short video tutorials and frequently asked questions

Note: BoB is only available for use within the UK.

Go to Box of Broadcasts Using TV recordings guide for students

Content not available on Box of Broadcasts

The Library also holds a large collection of programmes recorded prior to 2014. This includes documentaries, current affairs programmes and feature films which may be available on DVD, CD or video.  

Search for the programme or film on LibrarySearch