One-click access with LibKey Nomad

Add the LibKey Nomad browser extension to intelligently connect to Library content from open web searching.


  • Checking Amazon for a book? Libkey Nomad will automatically highlight for you whether ENU Library has the ebook. 
  • Searching for articles using Google? LibKey Nomad will give you one-click access to ebooks, full-text articles from library-subscribed journals, and open access journals.

You can access ebooks and articles directly from search results or free databases like PubMed, without needing to go through Library Search or sign into journal websites.


How to install LibKey Nomad

  1. Go to the LibKey Nomad download page.
  2. Choose your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Brave and Vivaldi).
  3. Once installed, Select Organization > Edinburgh Napier University to link to our resources.

Image of choosing Edinburgh Napier University on LibKey Nomad screen


Using LibKey Nomad

The LibKey Nomad button will now appear at the side of your browser when you find an ebook or journal article.
If the ebook or article is accessible through our library subscriptions or open access, you can instantly click through or download a PDF.
Image of LibKey Nomad buttons for Download PDF, Article Link and View E-book 

If the item you searched for is not available the Access Options button may appear and direct you to further options for obtaining a copy.

Image of button with text Access Options Edinburgh Napier University

Clicking on the Access Options button will take you to  Library Search where you can request the article through Inter-Library Loan. The Resource Sharing link will show when you are logged in to Library Search.

Click on the link to launch a form for you to fill in with your request details. Once we receive the form, we will process your request as quickly as possible. For timelines and FAQS, see Inter-Library Loan.

Image of Resource Sharing button on LibrarySearch



Look up using LibKey

Do you want to check if we have Library access to an item?

If you have a DOI or PMID, you can also go to LibKey directly to check for access across all Edinburgh Napier University Library subscriptions as well as open access journals.

1. Go to Edinburgh Napier LibKey.
2. Enter a DOI or PubMed ID to check for access across all Edinburgh Napier University Library collections.