Every Action Counts

Every action counts! Here are some simple tips to reduce energy usage on campus and in student accommodation that can make a big difference. Together we can make a meaningful contribution to our university's sustainability efforts and to a greener future. 


  • Turn off computers and screens and unplug laptop chargers when not needed. If everyone at the university took this action, in 1 hour we could save the same amount of energy needed to charge over 100,000 smartphones. 


  • If you spot radiators on when not needed, contact the Facilities Service Desk
  • Report draughts in campus or accommodation to the Facilities Service Desk
  • Only use heating when needed in accommodation 
  • If the heating is on, make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep the heat inside. If you're too warm, make sure your heating is off before opening a window



Report any energy saving opportunities to environment@napier.ac.uk 

For further support, check out the ENSA and Home Energy Scotland webpages.