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Book a study space, lab or PC

You can book a room, PC, lab, library space, and a range of different types of equipment using Resource Booker.

Resource Booker enables you to work safely on campus, allowing you to access space and equipment in a safe and socially distanced way.

You must use Resource Booker before you come on campus.

Book a study space, lab or PC using Resource Booker
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Using Resource Booker

If you would like to use a lab, PC, laptop, library space, or anything else that’s not part of your timetable, you need to use Resource Booker to book them before coming on to campus.

Once you've made your booking you'll receive an email notification from the system. 

You can also amend and cancel your own bookings.

Please remember to keep to your time slot and do not over stay your time.


Resource Booker help

As well as accessing Resource Booker via the Resource Booker website, you can also access it via a tile on the Edinburgh Napier app - find out how to get the app. 

The system is easy to use, however if you do need guidance you'll find links to help resources below:

Resource Booker user guide Resource Booker overview video Need help? Contact the IS Service Desk