Upcoming changes to Apple IDs

Reclaiming ENU domain Apple IDs

Do you have an Apple ID based on your University email address? If so then you will receive an email from Apple which you need to action. 

As part of our efforts to improve Edinburgh Napier’s cyber security position, Information Services (IS) are introducing an improved managed Apple Mac service. This service will bring Apple Mac devices into line with our existing managed Windows devices, ensuring all students have easy and secure access to the University’s online services, whether on or off campus.

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What are the changes?

The initial phase will be to reclaim Apple ID names based on a University email address i.e., email addresses ending “@live.napier.ac.uk”, so they become Edinburgh Napier managed Apple IDs.

This will require users to take action and rename their Apple ID. This phase will commence at the start of May 2022.  

Who does this affect? 

This will affect students who have used an Edinburgh Napier email address for personal or University use on an Apple device. Apple treat all IDs as personal.  

Please note: this does not change the way you log in to the on-campus Apple Mac computers which you’ll find in the JKCC and other computer suites. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Apple ID name based on a University email address, what do I do?

You will receive an email from Apple prompting you to change your current Apple ID name to a (non-University) ID name within 60 days. See example below:

This is a screenshot of the email that students will receive from Apple.

In addition to the email, there may also be prompts on your device to indicate that your Apple ID name requires to be changed.

You can do this on the Apple website:  Manage your Apple ID 
Full instructions can be found here:  Change your Apple ID - Apple Support

What happens to my iPad or iPhone once I’ve changed my Apple ID?

Your Apple ID name will change automatically on your personal device. Any contacts and apps linked with your account will remain in place and will be realigned to your renamed Apple ID.

Apart from the change to your Apple ID, the only other change you may see will be that the default Mail application will now be linked to the new email address of the updated Apple ID.   

If you wish to access your @live.napier.ac.uk email account, you will need to configure the default Mail app with your ENU email credentials.  Information Services recommend the use of the Outlook app for ENU related email – find out more about your Email.


What happens if I don’t change my Apple ID from a University email address?

If you don’t change your Apple ID within 60 days, Apple will automatically change your Edinburgh Napier ID to a temporary username (you can then change this).  

We recommend that you change your Apple ID as soon as you receive the email from Apple. 

I’m not sure if I have an Apple ID, how can I tell?

If you have accessed the Apple Store, iTunes, iCloud or any Apple services on a device you will have been prompted to create an Apple ID. This includes iPads, iPhones, iMacs and MacBooks.

If you log in to these devices using an email address ending “live.napier.ac.uk”, you will need to change your Apple ID. 

What happens if I don't remember my Apple password?

You can visit https://appleid.apple.com/ click Sign in and select Forgotten your Apple ID or password?

Please note: the IS Service Desk will be unable to reset an Apple password on your behalf.  You must contact Apple directly. 

What happens if I no longer use my Edinburgh Napier email address as my Apple ID?

If you no longer use your Edinburgh Napier email address as your Apple ID you can disregard the email and notifications.  Apple will continue to prompt you however no action is required. 

I don't want to use my personal email, how do I proceed?

You can create an @icloud.com email address for this purpose, or create a new third party account, e.g. Gmail, MS Outlook etc.

I have changed my Apple ID but I still get repeated "Sign in" requests, what do I do?

If after changing your Apple ID credentials you still get repeated "sign in" requests (and can’t get passed the authenticator), you may need to sign out and sign back in.  This may also happen after changing your AD password.

Where can I find further help?

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance. 

Thank you for supporting Information Services through this essential change as we work to strengthen the University’s cyber resilience.