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  Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are available at Sighthill, Craiglockart and Merchiston.

These enable you to print, copy and scan.


I want to find out about:


Printing Costs

The current print costs are as follows:
A4 mono
A4 mono  - double sided
A4 colour
A4 colour – double sided
A3 mono
A3 mono  - double sided
A3 colour
A3 colour – double sided


Paying for your printing

You need to have credit in your print account before you can use the MFDs.
You can purchase your print credits online.  Find out how...​
Please be aware of the following:
  • Do not add more credit than you ultimately anticipate using. You will not be able to reclaim any unused credit.
  • The minimum amount for purchasing print credit is 10p and the maximum is £30.00. 

Frequently asked questions

​To view a full list of Printing FAQs please visit the askNapier Knowledgebase

If you need further help or would like more information contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.


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