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  Novi Survey

Novi Survey

The University offers students the use of Novi, a web-based survey application to facilitate the gathering and analysis of data from different audiences, both on and off campus.
Novi is hosted on University resources which is far more secure and reliable than other free utilities available on the internet and supports the needs of the University Research Integrity Committee.

Terms of Use and Ethical Considerations

You should discuss your research proposal with your programme leader or research supervisor before you request access to Novi, as all surveys need to be given ethical approval before you can access the software.  
The University Research Integrity website provides information on research ethics, and this flow chart gives guidelines on the full process.  
You must also comply with the guidance on the use of Novi and the following University policies, codes and guidance:
This flowchart explains how ethical misconduct incidents will be managed.

Accessing Novi

Once ethical approval is granted please ask that your supervisor completes the Access to Novi Form on your behalf via UniDesk Self Service (they will need to log in if accessing off campus).
The form is held here: Access to Novi Survey Form
If your supervisor cannot complete the form, then You are required to attach a statement from your supervisor. The statement should confirm that there has been a discussion between you and your supervisor on the ethical implications of undertaking an on-line survey .
Once access has been granted you can log into Novi Survey​.

Using Novi

The NOVI Survey Support course in Moodle provides a range of resources to support students and staff in the use of NOVI survey for gathering and analysing data from different audiences, both on and off campus.
The course is available for anyone at the University to self-enrol, and a course forum is actively monitored for questions and comments.
Novi Moodle Block  

Frequently Asked Questions

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