Library Circulation Guidelines

We have adopted the following guiding principles based on user feedback and best practice in other Universities: 

  • Fair access to Edinburgh Napier University Library resources 
  • A better student experience, with equal service for students and staff and researchers
  • Simpler, transparent circulation rules
  • Minimal and fair application of library fines
  • Effective communications about loans and the actions users need to take
  • Use of automatic renewals, where possible

The following rules apply to Edinburgh Napier University Library resources only. All items on a user's record remain their responsibility. Users should regularly check their account and contact the library immediately if any information on their record is incorrect. 


Borrowing allowance

  • All students, researchers, and staff - can borrow up to 30 items, regardless of material type (books, kit, laptops, interlibrary loans).
  • Self-service laptops are available to students and researchers only. Only one laptop may be borrowed at any given time.
  • External borrowers, including Alumni - up to 5 items. Borrowing rights depend on category, see External Members.

Loan period and autorenewal

  • Items can be borrowed for a minimum of 7 days. This automatically renews for up to four months, unless an item is requested by another user. In this case, the item must be returned by the due date. 
  • Laptops can be borrowed for up to 14 days and are not renewable. Please return laptops to the same campus you borrowed from.
  • Books that have been on loan for the maximum period of time that are not requested by another user can be re-issued by Library staff at user request.


  • £1 per day if item is requested by another user and is not returned by the due date. Capped at £15 per item
  • Fines above £5 suspend borrowing rights, but do not affect autorenewal. 
  • No fines when an item is overdue and was not requested by another user.
  • No fines for an overdue laptop. The laptop will be locked remotely, after 14 days from the due date  
  • Items not returned within 14 days after the due date are deemed lost. A replacement cost applies – flat rate £50 for books and other library materials, £750 for laptops.
    The full cost will be waived if the item is returned. 
  • If an item is overdue for more than 21 days, an invoice will be sent by the library, and a standard £5 admin fee will be added per invoice.
  • Users can purchase a replacement copy of the lost book, but it needs to be the same edition (or newer) and in good condition.
  • Fine appeal process applies.


  • The Library will use university email addresses only for communication with students, researchers and staff.
  • Users with overdue items will receive five notifications before invoice is posted.
  • Library account status can be checked on the My Account app, on LibrarySearch, self-service kiosks or at any Library Help Desk.
  • All users receive a weekly statement with items on loan, overdue items, and fines.
  • Users with fines only will receive a monthly reminder.


  • University Student Fees and University Debt Policy applies.
  • 100 days after due date (if no contact has been made by the student), all user debt will be passed to the Credit Control department and will be dealt with through the University debt policy. 
  • If the invoice is not paid, debt may be passed to an external debt collection agency. This may affect user credit scores. If the debt has been passed to a debt collection agency, students must pay replacement cost and are no longer able to return the item. 
  • If you have any non-academic monies due to the University, you will be unable to attend a graduation ceremony until all non-academic debts are cleared. Please note parchments can be released, however debt will be passed for recovery from a debt collection service, and this may affect your credit rating. 
  • After 12 months from user record expiry date, debt below £25 will be waived. Above £25 or with items on loan will remain on user account until is paid or up to 6 years from record expiry date.

Claimed return process

  • Users are responsible for all items on their library record and must ensure that all items returned are no longer on their record.
  • User needs to notify the library within 14 days from the book being returned or the due date, whichever is sooner.
  • When a user claims they have returned a book, but the book is still on their record, library staff will search across three campuses for a minimum of three weeks.  
  • If the item is not found, the user will be billed for the replacement cost.
  • Fine appeal process applies.

Click and collect

  • You can request items that are currently on shelf or on loan to another user. Available to UK based staff and registered students only.
  • Ten Click and Collect requests at any given time. 
  • Request items from any campus and pick up from the campus of your choice.
  • Requests need to be collected within seven days. 

Postal loan service

  • Available to UK based staff and students, including Edinburgh based.
  • Ten requests maximum at any time.
  • Free of charge for all UK based students and staff.
  • Return postage paid by user.
  • Additional three days added to due date to allow for posting times.