Computer Suites Acceptable Use Policy

  1. A computer suite is a place of study; those using the suite must respect the needs of others and your behaviour must reflect this.
  2. A computer suite is a quiet area; work related conversation is permitted where it is kept to a minimum; please seek assistance from the Helpdesk if individuals are causing a disturbance. 
  3. The use of mobile phones in computer suites is not permitted - please switch them off.
  4. Ensure you tidy up after yourselves. Use the bins provided.
  5. The playing of games (including via Internet sites) is not permitted.
  6. Assignment based work has priority over personal use – you may be required to release your workstation at busy times. 
  7. Workstations must not be ‘locked’ nor left unattended whilst logged in; locked/unattended workstations are liable to be logged out after 12 minutes.
  8. If your workstation is in an area where specialist software is installed please be prepared, if requested, to move to an alternative workstation if one is available.
  9. Please consult the published timetables in computer suites to determine availability. Be prepared to leave a workstation if so requested by a member of staff.  
  10. Open access workstations in the JKCC are clearly labelled. Note: these workstations may be required for large classes.
  11. If you find a fault with a workstation, please report it to the Helpdesk so that it may be resolved.
  12. If sound is required for your work, headphones must be used. You must take personal responsibility for sound levels so that others are not distracted.
  13. You must not alter/connect /disconnect any PC software/hardware or peripheral without authorisation. 
  14. Personal possessions must not be left unattended in suites. Edinburgh Napier University does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to property.
  15. Users judged by Information Services (IT) staff to cause a disturbance, or to behave in an offensive manner, will be required to moderate their behaviour or to leave.
  16. The University’s ‘Information Security Policies’ govern the use of University PCs. 
  17. In addition to the above, you are bound by all other relevant University Regulations.