Zero Tolerance

We want to make sure that all our students can work and learn in a safe environment, and that’s exactly what our Zero Tolerance campaign aims to do.

Zero Tolerance is our University-wide campaign to prevent any form of hate incident, sexual violence or misconduct on our campuses and in our communities. It's all about making Edinburgh Napier a safer and more equal place for you to work and study.

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Preventing Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence and sexual misconduct is an issue affecting all aspects of society and we want to make sure that it's not a part of university life.

You can help to make the university a safer place by signing up to free online training and educating yourself about consent. If you’ve been subjected to any form of misconduct, please consider reporting it to us.

Be a part of something important and help make a difference.


  • Consider reporting any kind of sexual misconduct or harassment either anonymously or to one of our advisers via Report and Support
  • If you’ve recently been raped or sexually assaulted, it’s understandable if you don’t know what to do or where to turn. The NHS Sexual Assault Response Coordination Service (SARCS) is a dedicated service which can offer healthcare and support in the days after an assault if you’re not ready or unsure whether to go to the police. Find out more at NHS Inform.
  • Confidential help is available whatever your gender, sexuality and experience. Details of specialist organisations and support available can be found at

How to get involved

Educate yourself by taking our online Moodle courses. The courses will:

  • Help you to understand consent and why it matters so much
  • Explain how to be clear in your communication about consent and to understand and be clear about your boundaries
  • Teach you how to look out for yourself and others
  • Help tackle harassment and promote cultural change within the University community

These courses will help you to understand consent and promote positive change in the university community. We are encouraging all our students to complete them as we think this will make a positive contribution to the efforts being made across society to tackle and prevent sexual violence and misconduct.

Take our Consent Matters course Take our Active Bystander course

What to do if you experience any kind of hate incident or misconduct

Edinburgh Napier is committed to supporting students who have experienced or been affected by any form of hate incident, sexual violence or misconduct. This includes:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Relationship abuse
  • Hate incidents including any form of racism
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Spiking

We will not tolerate these behaviours within the University community and will take the appropriate action regarding those who commit it.

If you have been subject to any form of hate, bullying, harassment, or sexual misconduct, you can report it and get support within the University through our Report and Support service. It’s how the University can understand that there is a problem and the quickest way for us to help you.

Where to reach out for support if needed

Visit our Report and Support or Student Wellbeing pages for more information on how we can support you.