Report and Support

Report and Support allows anyone who has experienced sexual violence, harassment, misconduct or any form of hate crime to report or disclose incidents to the University. If you’ve been subjected to any form of misconduct, you can tell us either anonymously or by reporting to an adviser through Report and Support.


We are working hard to make Edinburgh Napier University a safer and more equal place to work and study. Report and Support helps us do this by allowing our students and staff to disclose misconduct and to seek support.

These are the types of behaviour that can be reported through Report and Support:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Relationship abuse
  • Hate crimes including any experience of racism
  • Bully and harassment
  • Discrimination

There are two types of reports that can be made through Report and Support - anonymous reporting and reporting to an adviser.


Anonymous reporting

This option allows victims/survivors of misconduct to anonymously report an incident. Personal details about the perpetrator and survivor will not be taken at this time. This option provides the University with unidentifiable information which can be used to create a picture of any issues arising on campus. This information cannot be used to pursue complaints or begin a legal process. Please note that if you report anonymously we will not be able to offer direct advice or begin an official complaint process.

Click here to find out more about the process or to make an anonymous report.

Reporting to an adviser

Reporting to an adviser is the second option that is available through Report and Support for victims/survivors of misconduct. This gives survivors the opportunity to disclose personal details about themselves, the perpetrator, and the incident. If a report is made to an adviser, a specially trained staff member from the University will respond. They will support the survivor to understand their options, sign post University and external support services and assist them to take appropriate action and seek a resolution.

Click here to find out more about this process or to report to an adviser.

What to do if you’re a survivor of any form of hate crime or misconduct - Report and Support

The University is committed to supporting students who have experienced or been affected by any form of hate crime, sexual violence or misconduct. We will not tolerate these behaviours within the University community and will take the appropriate action regarding those who commit it.

These guidelines are intended as a starting point for you to think about the support you need and how to access it.

Sexual assault and harassment guidelines for survivors.


Use of your data

If you use Report and Support to report an incident, you should read the privacy notice that you can access on the platform to understand how we will use the data you provide.

Accessing Report and Support

If you are looking to disclose an incident or find out more about Report and Support, click here.

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is our University-wide campaign to prevent any form of hate crime, sexual violence and misconduct of any kind on our campuses and in our communities.

It’s all about making Edinburgh Napier a safer and more equal place to work and study for all of our students and staff.

Click here to find out about the Zero Tolerance campaign.