Disability Inclusion

Equal access to university life is a vital part of every student experience, and our team of Disability Inclusion staff are here to make sure it happens for you.


We work with students with disabilities, long-term physical or mental health conditions, or specific learning difficulties. That's a really varied group, including students with dyslexia, students who stammer, Autistic students and many more.

We welcome students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, whether you're from the UK or international. Whether you're full-time or part-time, on a taught course or research course, on an exchange or a graduate apprentice, our team is here for you.

You might have come to university straight from school or college, or you might be returning to your studies after working for a few years. We are also happy to work with you if you have no diagnosis but recognise you are experiencing ongoing difficulties in your studies and would like help.


School Disability Contacts (SDCs)

School Disability Contacts (SDCs) are members of academic staff who act as points of contact for students who require additional support due to a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Each School may have one or more SDCs who liaise closely with the Disability Inclusion Team. The role includes directing students who request support, sharing information with academic staff and collating copies of learning profiles.

School Disability Contacts
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As a Next Generation Inclusive University, we have partnered with EmployAbility, an organisation supporting individuals who have a specific learning difficulty, mental health condition or another disability, with all aspects of graduate employment.  Their service can provide you with individualised advice and support about adjustments for recruitment and the workplace, information about your rights, and support you with job applications. The EmployAbility team will also advocate for you with an employer to ensure you receive the adjustments you need, taking any stress and anxiety out of the process.

To find out more contact a Career Development Consultant Contact a member of the EmployAbility team directly

Disability Inclusion Video

If we can help you unlock your full potential, come and talk with us.

Equal access to university life is a vital part of every student experience, and our team of Disability Inclusion staff are here to make sure it happens for you.

We welcome people with disabilities, long term health conditions, and specific learning difficulties, and are committed to providing students with positive support in all aspects of University life.

Disability Inclusion Video

I came to uni really struggling with my dyslexia. I got loads of support at school doing my A-levels but found that coming to a brand new city, a brand new educational facility, all I wanted to do was keep up with everyone, so the first thing I did was make sure that I talked to someone and take the support that was offered.

There was such a range and so much support available that I think people don't assume is there. Everyone that I have spoken to has been so supportive, so willing to help, and nothing is too much of an issue or too much of a problem for them to try and help with. So my advice would be…talk to someone.

[On-screen text: If we can help you unlock your potential, come and talk with us. Disability Inclusion. my.napier.ac.uk/talkinghelps]