Automatic renewals

Borrowed items (excluding laptops) will automatically renew for up to four months, unless recalled.

Automatic renewals

Most of our book and other loans renew automatically up to a maximum of four months unless requested. If an item on loan to you is requested by another user, we will recall it by sending you a recall email asking you to return it within seven days or by the due date if sooner. 

What it means for you

  • It's easy, you don't have to remember to renew your books. 
  • Longer loans for items which are not in demand.
  • You must return items which have been recalled or you will be charged a fine. 
  • You can request items which are on the shelf at another campus or on loan to someone else. 
  • You must return your loans at the end of the maximum loan period. 

Automatic renewal applies to Edinburgh Napier University owned items only, not to books or items obtained for you through the Inter Library Loan service. 

Laptops are loaned for 14 days only and cannot be renewed.

If the request is filled by another copy, your loan will be renewed immediately. 

If you borrowed items over four months ago

  • They will no longer automatically renew.
  • Please take them to a self service kiosk at any library to check out again or email
  • These items will then automatically renew as before, unless another student or staff member requests them. 

How can you check if the item has reached the maximum renewal period?

Sign in to LibrarySearch and click on your name at the top right, and then My Loans. You should now see the maximum renewal date for each item you have borrowed. 

Image of LibrarySearch showing maximum renewal date of a book

Returning items you borrowed over four months ago

You will not be fined for returning overdue items but you will receive Overdue Reminders and Lost Items Bills.

Enhanced services

  • If you've been assessed by the Disability and Inclusion team as benefiting from 'Enhanced Services', you'll be able to pick up requests from your preferred campus. 
  • If you've registered for Postal Loans, you can have items posted to your home address.

Fines on recalled items are £1 per item per day in order to ensure prompt return.

There are no fines for overdue laptops. Instead, access will be locked remotely if laptops are not returned on time.

If you can't return an item by the due date, please contact us as soon as possible. See our Fine Appeal policy for information if you are unable to return items promptly due to illness or other extenuating circumstance. 

If you don't return a loan by the due date, you will be blocked from borrowing until it's returned. We will send you an Overdue Reminder after 2 days and another after 7 days. After 14 days we assume the item is Lost and send you a Lost Item Bill for £50 to cover the replacement of the item.

If you have lost or damaged an item please tell us as soon as possible. You can either replace it yourself with the same or later edition, or we will bill you £50 to cover the replacement of the item.