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The University uses the Panopto platform to record lectures, either live in the classroom or out with a class.

It is your lecturer’s decision whether to record any lectures or other classroom events.

Access to recordings can help your learning, but recorded lectures are not a replacement for attending lectures and are to be considered as a supplementary learning resource.

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Panopto frequently asked questions

How will I know if a recording is taking place in the classroom?

Your lecturer will inform the class verbally at the start of the lecture, and may use a PowerPoint slide reminder.

What is included in a lecture recording?

This is a decision for the lecturer but usually this will be the PowerPoint presentation slides or whatever is shown on the screen during the lecture, and the lecturer's voice. The lecturer can also choose to include a video of themselves, or other teaching aids such as the document camera or the whiteboard. 

How do I access the recordings?

The recordings will be in the relevant Moodle module shortly after your lecture. Recordings can be played on most web-enabled devices including tablets and mobile phones. Panopto has very good tools to help you find the most relevant parts of the recording, but these are only available to browsers on desktop and laptop computers.

See the Panopto Viewer guide:

Panopto viewer guide

How do I best use the recordings?

Make sure you attend the lecture which is the best learning environment, and then view the recording as soon as possible after it has been made available.

Use the search and the table of contents to focus on specific sections of the recording rather than replaying the whole recording from start to finish.

These sections can be bookmarked in Panopto, and you may wish to use the recording to add to the notes you made in class.

Can I opt-out of being recorded?

Depending on the position of the microphone the audio contributions from students may be recorded.

If you wish to opt-out of having your contributions recorded then please speak to your lecturer at the start of the class. They can either pause the recording, or remove that section before the recording is made available for viewing.

Can I upload recordings to the internet?

You are not permitted to share the recording on any internet sites such as YouTube and Facebook without the express permission of the member of staff who made the recording.

The recordings are for your own personal use only and are usually restricted to students within the Moodle module.

Students who download, copy, circulate, or edit Panopto recordings may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Where can I find data protection information?

You will find Data Protection information at: