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  Laptop Loans

Laptops are available for students to borrow from our self-service lockers at the Jack Kilby Computing Centre (JKCC), Merchiston library, Craiglockhart library, Sighthill (LRC2) and Bainfield Student Accommodation.

Availability of Laptops


The laptop loan service is available all year-round 24 hours a day 7 days a week (apart from University Holidays). 

Time does vary by campus opening hours available here

​Location ​Trimesters 1 & 2 ​Trimester 3
JKCC at Merchiston​ ​Available 24/7 (except between 4am - 6am)* ​Available 24/7 (except between 4am - 6am)*
Merchiston Library
​Available 24/7 (except between 2am - 4am)*
​Available 24/7 (except between 2am - 4am)*
Bainfield Student Accommodation​ ​Available 24/7 (except between 2am - 4am)* ​Available 24/7 (except between 2am - 4am)*​
Craiglockhart Library
​Available throughout campus opening hours
​Available throughout campus opening hours
​Sighthill LRC ​Available throughout campus opening hours ​Available throughout campus opening hours
* Scheduled laptop updating period
Before you borrow a laptop you should be aware of the following:
  • Insurance is not included. You are responsible for the full costs of repair or replacement, so we recommend that you have adequate insurance or extend your home contents policy if applicable.
  • A borrowed laptop must not be taken out of the UK.
  • You are only allowed to have one laptop on your account at any time or one locker. You must return the laptop you have on loan before another is issued to you.

Full terms and conditions can be found in the links below:

Terms & Conditions f​or Laptop Loans​


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about laptop loans?
If so you can search our Knowledge Base or click on a link below:
If you have any further questions about laptop loans, please contact the IS Service Desk.


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