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Here you will find the answers to your frequently asked questions. If you need further help or wish to report a problem you can contact us at
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 Twitter IconYou can also follow @EdNapITSupport on Twitter for the latest updates on service as well as general hints and tips. Please go to the Glossary to learn about the IT terminology used on this page.


1. Wondering if there is an issue with our IT services?

 Have a look at Service Status! 


2. Get Connected - How do I get my device connected to the Wireless service?​

To configure your device to connect to the Eduroam wireless service you are required to use a username and a password. The username would be your e-mail address for example and password would be the same as your network one.
Please note there are additional settings which you are prerequisite to change, more information can be found by going to Wireless Services.

3. Passwords – Forgotten passwords/Reset

If you have forgotten your password or require a reset you can do this by visiting the Password Manager. If you are unsuccessful in doing this please contact the IS Service Desk​

4. Looking to download free software?​

As an Edinburgh Napier staff member or student, you are entitles to download some software to install on your home computer for work or educational purposes. The software can be downloaded by logging in to the Software Download Service.


5. Personal Drive Space – How much personal storage space are we allocated?​

The amount of space available depends on your course however it is usually 500mb. The IS Service Desk recommend that you always save files to your H drive for the following reasons:
  • It provides secure data storage
  • It is backed up regularly
  • It can only be accessed by you
Need more space? Then why not use OneDrive for students which has a storage limit of 1 Terabyte. More information can be found at Data Storage and OneDrive

6. How do I get access to NOVI survey tool?

To use Novi Survey you should contact your programme leader or research supervisor to discuss your research proposal, once they have approved this request them to email the IS Service Desk stating that they take responsibility of the content of the survey, more information on how to access the service visit NOVI.


7. Missing modules in Moodle?

If you are unable to see the relevant module within Moodle then please get in touch with your School office at first instance, who would be able to assist you further. If you can see the module but there's no content in them then please get in touch with module leader, for more information visit Moodle.


8. Need to access one of the software which is available on-campus, off-campus?

The Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) enables you to access an Edinburgh Napier desktop from anywhere, anytime on almost any device providing you have access to the internet. More information can be found here.


9. Can I get Microsoft Office 365 for free?

Answer is YES, Edinburgh Napier University students have access to the full MS Office suite of programs, for more information on how to download this go to Office365.


10. How can I loan a laptop from the university?

Laptops are now available for students to borrow free of charge from each of the 3 campuses, find out more on the Laptop Loan page​.  

​​Further Help and Information


If you have any further questions please use the askNapier search box on the top right to search our Knowledge Base, alternatively email us at or phone us at +44 (0) 131 455 3000.​​​​​


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