Funding for Care Experienced Students

Edinburgh Napier University aims to promote a nurturing learning environment for care-experienced young people to reach their potential.  We understand that dealing with finances is often difficult and asking for help can be stressful.  This is why we allocate a named Student Funding Advisor to each student who receives an Edinburgh Napier Care Experienced Bursary.

Care Experienced Students can access additional services to help manage their finances.


Named Advisor

We will allocate a named Student Funding Advisor to help you to identify ways of improving your finances and navigate the application process. This means that you will see the same person each time that you make contact with the Student Funding Team. They will get to know you and your circumstances; avoiding the need to share your details with multiple staff. Your named Student Funding Advisor will contact you by email soon after you have been awarded an Edinburgh Napier Care Experienced Bursary.

We can:

  • Meet with you at a convenient time either in person, on Teams or by email to discuss your financial circumstances and suggest how we may be able to help
  • Help you to set a realistic budget
  • Help with organising unmanageable debts and advise what to do next
  • Look at potential funding sources
  • Help you with submitting funding applications and sourcing supporting documents
  • Ensure that any requests made for additional information or documents come directly from your named advisor who will fully explain what is needed and why
  • Respond quickly in times of financial crisis or emergency

You can choose which, if any, of the above services that you require and can contact your named advisor at any time.

Care Experienced Students’ Bursary (CESB)

Care experienced students are eligible to apply for a non-income assessed bursary. This new bursary replaces the current income-assessed living cost loan and bursary (ISB/YSB) package.

Students in receipt of the bursary are not eligible to apply for the living cost loan but can apply for living cost grants.

This bursary is only available to students who satisfy criteria for a student loan from SAAS.

You can find further information on this bursary on the SAAS website.

Other Funding Opportunities

The University also offer an additional Edinburgh Napier Care Experienced Bursary to eligible care experienced students.