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Why have I received a visa upload request?
When will I hear from the University?
When is my U​​niversity induction session?​​
How do I register as a stud​ent?
Do I need any immunisations before starting university?​
I have not matriculated and I have not received the first email
I have not matriculated and I have not received the second email
When trying to set password I receive the error “no records for this Edinburgh Napier number”
When I try to set my password it says “Password not set”
When I try to set my password I receive the error that my account is still being created
When I try to set my password I get the message “Sorry! This Getting Registered form can no longer be used to reset your password”
I have now set my password. What do I do now?
I successfully set my password as instructed but have now forgotten it what should I do?
After completing matriculation I am trying to access Edinburgh Napier IT and Library resources using Firefox but I am encountering the error: “An error occurred. SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key”
How do I get access to​ the University computing and library facilities?
What is my timetable for modules?
How do I pa​y my tuition fees and what other funding is available?
What book​s do I need to buy?
How do I get support for a disability, specific learning difficulty or long-term medical condition?
Where ​will I live?​
How do I get to ​my home campus?
I’m a visiting student from Europe and I am asked to pay my fees during matriculation. What do I need to pay and how do I do this?
I am a visiting student who is starting in September and want to know if the modules I included on my application form can be changed when I arrive in Edinburgh?
I am a visiting student who is starting in September and am concerned that my module choices have not been confirmed. What should I do?
My course has started and I have not received my student loan or SAAS bursary?
How do I login to Photo Manager?
Am I eligible for a Student Loan?
The address shown in Photo Manager is incorrect, what should I do?
How do I apply for a Student Loan?
I don’t have a passport photo to upload, can I take a ‘selfie’ to upload instead?
When will I get my loan/bursary?
Are there any guidelines for my photo?
What if my photo doesn’t meet these guidelines?
I am trying to upload a photo but getting an error message that my photo is the wrong size, what should I do?
How do I check the size of my photo?
I don’t yet have a permanent term-time address, what should I do?
Does it matter what format my photo is in?
How do I get my student card?
I cannot upload a photo, what should I do?
How long will it take to receive my student card?
The details on the card preview are incorrect, who should I contact?
Can I use the university facilities/get a student discount/student bus pass etc. before I receive my card through the post?
I have submitted a photo on Photo Manager but want to upload another one, can I do this?
When will I receive my new student ID card?
How will I receive my card?
I haven’t received my student ID card, what should I do?
I am waiting for my card to be printed, can I still access University resources?
What data is being sent to the card bureau?
Can I still get a Lothian Regional Transport (LRT) student Ridacard without my physical card?
I have updated my term-time address in eStudent Records but it isn’t showing correctly in Photo Manager, what should I do?
I have a term-time address in student accommodation, but I won’t be at this address until after 7 September, should I get my card sent to my home address? | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App