My Timetable

My Timetable is where you will find the details of all timetabled teaching events (on-campus and online). You can access your personalised timetable via your Office365 Calendar, My Napier app and via web timetables. 

Your 2021/22 Trimester 1 Module Timetable can be accessed here.

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Please Note:

Timetables can change for a number of reasons, including allocation to tutorial groups, so please keep this in mind when making other commitments. In Trimester 1, due to the challenges of Covid19, you may have events scheduled on Wednesday afternoons or in the evenings.

We are working towards releasing individual timetables for Trimester 1 to all students from w/c 30 August 2021. We are unable to provide any information about personalised timetables prior to this date.

For all new students in September 2021, you must engage with the matriculation process and choose any optional modules before you will be able to access your individual timetable and be allocated to teaching activities. It can take up to 5 working days to receive your timetable once you have engaged with the matriculation process.

You can only check-in for classes that you are timetabled for so you must attend the classes as per the timetable - find out more about checking in to class.

Download a guide on how to access your timetable (.pptx) Learn how to choose your modules online

Individual Timetables available

The benefits of individual timetable are:
  • You only see the classes you attend so you don’t have to look through the full programme information
  • It is available on a mobile device and via Office 365 Calendars
  • You will receive up to the minute changes to your timetabled activities such as a room change


Teaching Locations

Teaching at Edinburgh Napier is delivered across all of our campuses, with most activities taking place on the home campus for each school. During Trimester 1, some teaching will also be delivered at other locations across Edinburgh. Please see below for details of the campuses and other locations.

Campus Locations

  • Craiglockhart Campus (CRL) - The Business School
  • Merchiston Campus (MER) - School of Computing, School of Arts and Creative Industries, School of Engineering and Built Environment
  • Merchiston Avenue (MAV) - School of Arts and Creative Industries (specialist spaces)
  • Sighthill Campus (SIG) - School of Health and Social Care, School of Applied Sciences

Merchiston Avenue is located near Merchiston Campus - see our Merchiston Travel page.

Other Locations being used for Teaching during Trimester 1

  • Eric Liddell Centre (EXT_ELC) - 15 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4DP
  • Church Hill Theatre (EXT_CHT) - 33 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4DR

The Eric Liddell Centre and Church Hill Theatre are both located near Merchiston Campus - see our Merchiston Travel page.


Timetable FAQ

How do I make a request to change my timetable?

The student-led tutorial change request form is available during the first three weeks of each Trimester. The form has now closed for Trimester 1 2021/22.

Launch Schedule

Date  Launch Schedule
 w/c 9 August 2021  TR1 module timetable available to continuing students
 w/c 9 August 2021  TR1 module timetable available to new students (only on completion of the Matriculation Task)
 w/c 30 August 2021  TRI individual timetables available to all students
For all new students in September 2021 you must engage with the matriculation process and choose any optional modules before you will be able to access your individual timetable and be allocated to teaching activities.

There is a problem with my timetable, who do I contact?

In the first instance contact your local timetable administrator who will verify the courses you are enrolled on and which classes you are allocated to.

 The Business School
 School of Applied Science
 School of Engineering and the Built Environment
 School of Arts and Creative Industries
 School of Computing
 School of Health and Social Care

What do I need to do to receive my individual Timetable?

All students must:

  • Engage with the matriculation process
  • Submit Optional Module choices
  • Download the app or go to the website

What will My Timetable show?

My Timetable shows all group teaching activities that you have been assigned to for the modules that make up your programme of study. This includes both compulsory and optional modules.

Timetabled teaching activities include:

 Lectures Tutorials  Workshops
 Laboratory Sessions  Site Visits   Seninars
 Practicals Reflections   Recitals

Other activities that you may need to attend will be communicated to you by your module or programme leader.

Where will I find My Timetable?

You can access your personalised timetable in the following places:

  1. Web Timetables – Your timetables are available via web timetables. This can be accessed from the My Napier, My Timetable page.
  2. Napier App – Login to the iNapier app and click on the My Timetable tile. This will also also direct you to the My Timetable page where you can view your timetable.
  3. Office365 Calendars – Your student calendar will automatically be populated with your timetable.