Settling in & managing your Wellbeing at University: Online Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed starting University during a Pandemic? Don't know where to start with what you need to know? Need some help managing change and your wellbeing? 

Watch the Managing Your Wellbeing workshop.

Sleep Management Workshop

Lying awake at night? Is your sleep being affected? Is this impacting on your wellbeing & focus on your studies? If so, you might be interested in our Sleep Management Workshop.

Watch the Sleep Management workshop.

Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health - What You Need to Know

This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the effect substances can have on our mental health.

Watch the Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health workshop. 

Managing at University Workshop

The workshop will be an opportunity to explore strategies and highlight techniques promoting positive wellbeing. This in turn will hopefully help us manage some of the stressors and ups and downs of our academic workload. The workshop will take into account the impact of Lockdown.

Watch the Managing at University workshop.