Student Engagement Reporting

Student engagement reporting has been developed to support student engagement and wellbeing and help the University to identify more easily any students who may be struggling, for whatever reason, with their studies so we can offer support.

We want you to engage positively with your academic studies, the broader curriculum, and with other opportunities that support your academic, professional, and personal growth. This will help you to achieve your best results, feel part of the Edinburgh Napier community and have a positive university experience. Student engagement reporting helps us to support you in doing this.
You may experience challenges during your time at university that effect your ability to engage with your studies. Student engagement reporting helps us to see if you might be beginning to struggle and we will get in touch with you to check everything is OK and to see if we can direct you to any sources of support.

The student engagement report looks at whether you have used various systems, including Check In, Moodle, library loans and Resource Booker. If you haven’t used any of them for a period of two weeks or more a member of staff, usually your Personal Development Tutor, will get in touch to see if there is anything we can do to help. But you don’t need to wait for this, if you are finding it difficult to engage, please let us know and we can discuss how we can support you.

For students studying on an international VISA with attendance requirements student engagement reporting gives a broad picture of supporting evidence that we can provide to UKVI.

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