Thinking of changing course

If you’re thinking of changing course, it’s important to explore why. Perhaps you can relate to the following reasons...

Remember you can get support for all these difficulties and any other issues you may be experiencing. Speaking to your Personal Development Tutor (PDT) would be a good place to start. My Napier also has a lot of information about the support that is available to you which might make all the difference.

If after considering your motivations, you are sure your current course is not for you, do you know which course you would like to change to? Explore the Edinburgh Napier Prospectus of courses and consider if you meet the entry requirements. You can also make an appointment to speak with one of our Career Development Consultants to consider your interests and future career goals, and which course may suit you better.

Once you have decided which course you would like to consider changing to, you need to speak to the Programme Leader of that course, to see if this is possible and when. You can find out the Programme Leader of all courses here. If the new course could accept you, the Programme Leader would start the transfer paperwork with your current school and talk you through the process.

You should also get in touch with your Funding Body and our Fees Team to discuss any fee implications of changing course.

International students should report their change of course to Visa & International Support.