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Moodle is the online environment we use at Edinburgh Napier University for supporting learning, teaching and assessment.
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Moodle provides access to important course information, learning activities and additional learning support where appropriate.
Please take the time to find how Moodle is to be used within your modules and make use of the opportunities provided.

Once you have matriculated you will automatically be registered in the Moodle system and enrolled on to the modules and programmes that use Moodle. You can then access this by logging in from any computer with an internet connection.
Moodle supports a wide range of browsers, and is accessible from your smart phone or tablet computer.
  Moodle FAQs

Moodle FAQs

Do you have a question about Moodle?
Search the askNapier knowledgebase ​or click on a link below:

I'm having problems logging into Moodle, what do I do?
I have incomplete or incorrect modules after logging into Moodle, what do I do?
One of my modules is completely empty, what do I do?
Why can I only see some of the module content?
Where can I find information regarding Moodle privacy?
How can I manage my email notifications from Moodle?
Can I access Moodle from my Mobile Device?


Turnitin FAQs

Please refer to the Be wise, don’t plagiarise website for a full set of Turnitin FAQs.

Getting Further Help

If you are encountering problems using Moodle you should use the contact information below to contact the correct department.

Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem and include details of any error messages which appear. If contacting any of the departments about a specific module, please ensure that you provide your matriculation number, and the full module title and module code.

Please note that you should use your University email account for all email correspondence, unless you are unable to access the service.

Information Services

If you are having problems logging into Moodle then view the FAQs below before contacting the IS Service Desk . If you do not have access to your Edinburgh Napier Email account you should contact them by phone or visit one of the IT Helpdesks on campus.

Student Records Online & Your School Office

If you have incorrect or missing modules in Moodle, you should check your module enrolment information on the Student Records Online website before contacting your school office.

Your Module Leader

Check with your Module Leader regarding all problems with materials and activities within a Moodle module. Since a Moodle module is a private classroom, responsibility for content lies with the Module Leader. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App