Extenuating Circumstances

These regulations apply to all matriculated students of Edinburgh Napier University who believe that their ability to complete an assessment of any type has been adversely affected by extenuating circumstances that have had a detrimental effect on their academic studies or progression.

Deadlines for applying for extenuating circumstances for 2021/22

Trimester 1 05/01/22
Trimester 2 20/05/22
Summer Assessment 12/08/22 
Trimester 3 02/09/22

What is Fit to Sit?

We operate all of our assessment processes on the principle of “Fit to Sit”. This means that if you submit a piece of coursework or undertake an examination, we are assuming that you are fit enough to undertake the assessment to the best of your abilities. Once you have submitted the work we will assess your submission on the assumption that you have been able to undertake the assessment without the negative impact of any underlying issues such as ill health, personal issues or other concerns.

We understand there are occasions when you will be unable to submit coursework on time or sit an exam on the day it is scheduled. We know that sometimes there are situations where you need an extra few days or weeks, that sometimes it would be better for you to undertake the assessment in a few months or that sometimes you will submit or present for an assessment and soon realise you should not have.

The information on this page tells you how to tell us about such situations. It is important that you tell us using the correct process at the correct time and this is why we suggest you read the document at the link below if you think you cannot submit your coursework on time, cannot sit an exam on the day it is scheduled or submit something and realise at a later date that something was impacting you. It is important you adhere to the deadlines outlined in these processes.

Download information and advice around assessment deadlines Request for a Deferral of Assessment – Download DE1 Form Request for an Extension - Download RE1 Form

FAQs for coursework extensions, deferral of assessments and retrospective extenuating circumstances

I think I might miss/have missed an assessment deadline/exam – what can I do?

Coursework Extensions

If the assessment is a non-exam based assessment e.g. an essay or a presentation and you just need a short period of additional time (up to ten working days), you should ask your module leader for an extension in line with the Coursework Extensions Policy using form RE1. You can find the policy document and the form you require on the Academic Regulations page.

Deferral of Assessment

If your circumstances are more serious or relate to a formal exam, you need more than an additional ten working days and/or you are not able or ready to attempt the assessment at all, you can apply to defer the assessment using the Extenuating Circumstances and Deferral of Assessment regulations. This normally means handing in the assessment or sitting the exam at the next available opportunity which will either be the following trimester or over the summer assessment period.

Important Note: The decision to defer assessment could affect whether you can carry on to the next year of your studies so you should always seek advice from your Programme Leader, Personal Development Tutor and/or ENSA Advice before applying for a deferral.

Applications for deferral should be submitted by completing the appropriate section of form DE1 and must be supported by appropriate evidence which should be submitted along with the DE1 form.

Applications for deferral must normally be submitted prior to the assessment point for which deferral is being requested though applications for deferral and submission of supporting evidence will be accepted up to five working days after the assessment point.

Completed DE1 forms and evidence should be emailed to the relevant School Office. In exceptional circumstances where it is not possible to use email, forms and evidence may be submitted directly to a campus iPoint and reception.

I’ve submitted/sat an assessment, I don’t yet have my results and I now believe I should not have undertaken the assessment – what can I do?

What if I realise later that I should have applied for a deferral but didn't? For example, I undertook the assessment but now believe in hindsight there were circumstances which impacted me completing the assessment to the best of my abilities.

Retrospective Extenuating Circumstances

Exceptionally the University will permit applications for extenuating circumstances to be taken into account after the assessment due date and after the deferral of assessment deadline however these applications cannot be submitted after results have been published. More on this can be found within the Extenuating Circumstances and Deferral of Assessment regulations. If your submission is deemed valid, the Programme Assessment Board will take your circumstances into account when making academic decisions in relation to your award or progression.

Applications for extenuating circumstances should be submitted by completing all relevant sections of the DE1 form and this must be accompanied by evidence supporting your rationale for not having been able to use deferral of assessment procedure at the appropriate time.

Completed DE1 forms and evidence should be emailed to the relevant School Office. In exceptional circumstances where it is not possible to use email, forms and evidence may be submitted directly to a campus iPoint and reception.

Email addresses for the submission of form DE1 and associated evidence:

How do I apply if I study an Edinburgh Napier University programme that is delivered abroad?

Please submit a scanned copy of your form to your local programme administration team with appropriate supporting documents. The deadlines applicable to you may vary from those published on this page.

In the first instance, students studying overseas with our partner institutions, should speak to your local programme team for support and your ENU Programme Leader. If required, you can also contact internationalprogrammes@napier.ac.uk

I study on an online programme, what should I do?

Students studying online should follow the processes detailed on this page but the deadlines applicable to you may vary and if this applies to you, you may wish to contact globalonlinesupport@napier.ac.uk with any queries.

What support is available to me and how do I access it?

If you are experiencing ill health (this includes any mental health issues) or personal problems that are impacting your studies, please tell us about them as soon as possible. The sooner we are aware of a problem, the easier it is for us to support you appropriately. The earlier we are aware of it the less chance of it having a long term impact on your studies. It also increases the chances of us being able to assist you to get you back on track with your studies. You can speak to your Programme Leader/Personal Development Tutor or go directly to one of our wellbeing support services if you have anything troubling you.

Please be proactive and seek help with any problems as and when you identify them. Please do not wait until you have your assessment results before telling us about a problem.

The sooner you make contact/request support, the sooner we can help you. You can seek support, advice and guidance from the following sources: