Support for Research Degree Students

We take pride in the support we're able to offer our research students, through training, mentoring from senior staff and top-class research facilities.

As an Edinburgh Napier University research student, you will have a dedicated team of supervisors with research expertise in your field. Beyond your supervisory team there are other staff involved in supporting research degree students at School and University level.


School Research Degree Leaders

Each School has an academic responsible for supporting research degrees students.The School Research Degree Leaders are members of their School Research and Innovation Committees and are responsible for monitoring student progress and dealing with School level issues.

They can provide advice about getting settled into the School, and have information about office facilities, school seminars and conferences, and other school initiatives open to our research students.

 School   Research Degree Leader
 SAS  Dr David Muggeridge
 SACI  Dr Ivana Ebel
 SCEBE  Professor Achille Fonzone
 SHSC  Dr Martin Sharp
 TBS  Dr Eoin Plant O’Toole


School administrators

Each school research degrees leader works closely with a particular member of administrative staff. That person will be responsible for maintaining research student records at a local level and supporting the work of the RDL.

The Research Degrees Team

Our team looks after the central management of research student records, and we support the work of the University’s Research Degrees Committee. We also deal with the submission of research theses and the formal examination process, including contact with external examiners.

We provide support and advice on all stages of the research degree programme to students and their supervisors. You can get in touch with us at

Training and development for research degree students

To help you develop as an independent researcher you’ll be able to build your expertise through our researcher development programme which includes training in: 

  • Research methods
  • Research ethics
  • Academic writing and presentation
  • Advanced study skills
  • Career development