Application Process

Applications need to be submitted the academic year before you go on exchange. The main application period for the upcoming 2023/24 academic year is now CLOSED.

There is a second opportunity to apply to study abroad if you missed the first application round. This is through exchange clearing and applications will open in late April 2023. Please note that the exchange clearing period only offers places that were not allocated during the first application round and these exchanges will take place during ENU's trimester 2 only.




Applications are now CLOSED for the main round 2023/24. The next opportunity for any students still interested to apply, will be the clearing round which will open in late April 2023 (please note these exchange take place during ENU's trimester 2 only).




Follow the instructions below for help on how to complete the application form.

Step 1: Research where you would like to go for your exchange using the information provided about our partners and make sure you have read through the outgoing students policy and procedure document so that you know exactly what is involved in going on exchange. You will also need to speak to your programme leader to make sure your exchange fits in with your studies.

Step 2: Complete the Edinburgh Napier Study Abroad Application form. You can save and come back to your application at any point before submitting but once you submit it, you will not be able to make any further changes. Here are some tips for completing the form:

  • Make sure you select the correct exchange duration (full year, trimester 1 only or trimester 2 only);
  • Select up to 3 destinations in order of preference;
  • List which modules you would normally be taking at ENU during your intended exchange period;
  • Propose the modules you would take at your host institution from their module catalogue (these should have been agreed with your PL ahead of completing the form);
  • Give an estimated budget for your exchange;
  • Let us know about any issues which may affect your exchange including medical conditions.

You can also use the blue i buttons on the form to help you complete the various sections.

Step 3: Once you have submitted your application form, it will be sent to your programme leader for first approval. Before approving your application, PL's will consider:

  • Academic performance;
  • Attendance record;
  • Quality of information in the application form (evidence of research into modules, dates, costs), and;
  • Personal statement (motivation for your choices and your expectations)

Your PL then has the right to approve or reject your application and you will receive an email letting you know the outcome of their review. They may also ask you to make some changes to your application before they can approve it. Make sure you stick to any deadlines that are set for application adjustments.

After the application

If your application is approved by your PL, you will be sent a notification that it has been sent to the Global Mobility Team for allocation. This is the process where we decide which students go to each of our partners. In some cases, we have limited places available at an institution and we may need to allocate a student to their second or third choice destination instead. The Global Mobility Team will allocate places based on academic performance.

The Global Mobility Team will then contact you to let you know if and where you have been allocated and what the next steps are.

You will receive regular email communications from the Global Mobility Team once you have applied, so it is important to keep checking your student email account. Please note that we can only respond to emails sent from your official student account!