Pécs European Studies Summer School – Pécs, Hungary

During the summer school, students will study the political, economic, cultural and social achievements and challenges of the European Union, as well as expand their knowledge on topics such as the art history, gastronomy and folk traditions of Europe. They will broaden their perspectives about the contributing factors that led to contemporary Europe, including migration, cultural diversity, gender issues.


Scholarship is available for this program!


Pécs Leadership Skills Summer School - Pécs, Hungary

The aim of the course is for students to become familiar with the leadership skills necessary to become effective, purposeful and good leaders. The main topic areas include leadership styles, strategic thinking, effective communication, team building, time management, responsibility and assertiveness.


Pécs International Human Rights Law and Debate Academy – Pécs, Hungary

The summer school will address some of the most typical issues of international human rights, including the protection of human rights in armed conflicts, the accession of the EU to the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to asylum versus national security, the human rights implications of AI systems and algorithmic decision-making, etc. The debate course will provide students with introduction to argumentation theory, rhetoric, and with practical skills-building exercises in debate and public speaking.


Only law students can apply.

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