myTimetable delivering individual student timetables in academic year 2019/20.


Your 19/20  module timetable can be accessed here​ from week commencing 1st July.

Please note:

Timetables can change for a number of reasons, including allocation to tutorial groups, so please keep this in mind when making other commitments.

For students starting in September 2019 you must engage with the matriculation process and choose any optional modules before you will be able to access your individual timetable and be allocated to teaching activities.   ​​​

The benefits of individual timetable are:

  • You only see the classes you attend so you don’t have to look through the full programme information

  • It is available on a mobile device

  • You will receive up to the minute changes to your timetabled activities such as a room change

How do I make a request to change my timetable?
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