Your Exam Timetable

On this page you'll find all you need to know about your exam timetable, including when your exams are scheduled and what to do if you notice any issues with your timetable. From the 2023/24 Resit Exam Diet, the University will now provide students with personalised exam timetables.


How to access your timetable

To access your timetable, visit This is the same place you will access your teaching timetable from September 2024.

Read our guidance on how to access your timetable.

Reassessment and Trimester 3 exam timetables

Please find below a PDF summary of the Exam Timetables for the Reassessment and Trimester 3 Exam Diets. Please ensure to check your personalised exam timetable for further information, including the room you should go to for your exam.

Exam timetable schedule

As exams may be scheduled at any time during the exam period, it is your responsibility to be available throughout the exam diet.

The Reassessment Exam Diet will take place from 22 July - 2 August 2024 and the Trimester 3 Exam Diet will take place from 19 – 23 August 2024.

All students should expect to have exams on following days. Whilst every effort is made to spread exams, the large number of module combinations in some subjects means that students may have two exams on consecutive days. However, you will not be required to sit more than one exam on any one day.

Please contact if:

  • Your examinations clash (this means your module exams are timetabled to start at the same time on the same day)
  • You are scheduled to have two exams on the same day
  • Your exam does not appear on your timetable

Only students who have been officially assessed by Disability Inclusion will be eligible for additional exam arrangements during the exam period. If you think that you may require additional exam assistance, see our Disability Inclusion page for how to apply.


Where can I find the Exam Timetable?

Exam Timetables are usually published six weeks before each of the Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 diets, and for the Reassessment Diet will be available after the Publication of Results.

Each student with an exam sitting will receive a personalised timetable. You can access your timetable at

I have additional exam arrangements. Will I receive a personalised exam timetable?

Yes, all students including those with additional exam arrangements will be provided with a personalised exam timetable. If you have additional time as part of your Learning Profile and believe this to be incorrect or missing, then please contact

How will I know which room my exam is in?

When you access, the exam timetable will display in a calendar format. It will show the Module Name, time of the exam and the location. By clicking on the activity, a menu with the details is displayed on the right-hand side. You must go to the exam location which is listed on your personalised timetable.

The Trimester 3 exam timetable will be made available in due course.

Can I go to an alternative Exam location?

No, you must go the exam location which is listed on your personalised exam timetable.

More information about how to access and use Publish can be found at

What happens if the exam timetable changes?

Should an exam be rescheduled, an email alert will automatically be sent to your university email address. Please keep an eye out for these emails and check your exam timetable regularly.

Further information on reassessments

You may have to sit a resit exam:

  • If you are resitting an exam in the current trimester
  • If you have a module decision of QF for the exam component
  • If you have a module decision of EX for the exam component

You will not have a resit exam:

  • If the module decision is Cp you do not need to sit the exam as you will have been given the credit for the module.
  • If you only have to resit coursework
  • If you have a re-work exam instead
  • If you have a class test instead

If you are not sure what you are resitting please contact your School Office.

Some BN/BM students from the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care will not have their resit attempt scheduled until the Trimester 3 exams period, in line with their bespoke nursing regulations.

What should I do if I don’t receive an exam timetable?

If you have not received a personalised timetable and believe you should be sitting an exam, please contact