Academic Dress

Find out about hiring a gown and hood for your graduation ceremony, as well how to order the official photography package.

Academic Dress

Graduation is a formal occasion and graduands are expected to dress appropriately.

All graduands must wear the appropriate gown and hood for their award to be conferred. Please arrange to hire the appropriate gown and hood or you will not be permitted to cross the stage at the Usher Hall. Your gown and hood can be ordered with Ede & Ravenscroft and there is a separate charge for this service.

Religious, national or military dress and headwear may be worn. You can wear a mortarboard hat if you wish, but other hats and fascinators are not permitted.

Official photography

Photography services are available from Ede & Ravenscroft on the days of graduation at the Sheraton Hotel (across the road from the Usher Hall). We recommend that you order your photography package in advance as the queues for the photography sales desk on the day can be quite long. You can order this online as part of your gown hire order.

You can have your photographs taken before your ceremony and afterwards. The graduation photography will take place in the One Space at Sheraton Grand Hotel, which is opposite the Usher Hall. Please follow the signposting on the day.

Award photography

In addition to the official graduation photography, each graduate will have their photograph taken while crossing the stage to receive their award. Ede & Ravenscroft can supply information on how these photographs can be purchased.