Applying to graduate

Learn everything you need to know about applying to graduate, including graduating in absentia and deferring until the next graduation ceremony.
Group photo of students after graduation ceremony

How to apply

You will receive an email inviting you to apply for graduation. If you did not receive an email by Wednesday 1 May but intend to graduate, please contact by Monday 10 June 2024.

If you are intending to exit with an award in Year 3 and not continue to Honours, please remember to inform your School Office that you wish to exit in addition to applying, so that they can process your award.

Please read our Privacy Notice which explains how your data will be used.


Attend in person

You must apply to graduate to attend the graduation ceremony at the Usher Hall. There is no graduation fee for students to attend graduation.

A degree will only be conferred once for a linked course, e.g. degree to honours degree. You will not be eligible to participate in a second graduation ceremony should you subsequently qualify.

I have not received an invite to Graduation, what should I do?

We anticipate sending graduation invites from the middle of April 2024, with the last batch being sent at the end of April.

If you have not received an email by Wednesday 1 May but intend to graduate, please contact no later than Monday 10 June.

Graduate in absentia (if you're not attending the ceremony)

You need to apply to graduate in absentia and to get your parchment sent by post after the ceremony. There is no cost to graduate in absentia. Your parchment will be sent to your home address via Royal Mail. Parchments sent to addresses outwith the UK will be sent by air mail. Please allow four to six weeks from graduation for delivery.

You can request that your parchment be sent via DHL by contacting There will be an additional cost for this following your request.

If you are planning to change address, please email

If you would prefer to collect your parchment in person, please email Parchments will be ready to collect from the Sighthill Campus approximately one week after the ceremony and you will be advised when your parchment is ready to collect.

Defer until the next graduation ceremony

You may defer your graduation ceremony to another ceremony within a 12-month period starting from your proposed original ceremony, i.e. summer 2024 to either autumn 2024 or summer 2025.

In order to defer, you should inform us of your intention to defer, and to which ceremony, by emailing The opportunity to defer is only offered once.

Please note that if you defer your graduation, you will not be able to receive your parchment until the date of the ceremony you attend, which will be the date printed on your degree parchment.

Further information

Mobility/Special Arrangements

During the graduation application and ticketing process, you will be asked if you have any mobility or other special requirements. If you confirmed that this is the case, a member of staff may be in touch to discuss what suitable arrangements can be made. Please email if any of your guests have any mobility issues or special requirements.

Cancellation of registration

Please email if you intend to cancel your graduation.

Data Protection

Please read our Privacy Notice which explains how your data will be used.

Extra financial support

After all of your hard work, graduating is the last step at Edinburgh Napier University. Graduating does come at a small cost, but if you are in financial difficulty then the Student Funding Team may be able to help with graduation costs.

If you are from the UK, have taken out a full student loan and have explored all other funding options, including taking out an overdraft then the discretionary fund may be able to help. You can apply to the Discretionary Fund for help toward your graduation costs. Please visit the Discretionary Fund page for more information on how to apply to the Discretionary Fund.