Guest tickets

Find out all you need to know about ordering tickets for guests to attend our graduation ceremonies.

Only the graduating student will be able to buy the guest tickets, and this will be done via Edinburgh Napier University app or using the web version at

Once you have applied to attend your graduation, you should wait 24 hours and then access the Edinburgh Napier app. There will be a Graduation Guest Tickets button which gives the option to buy either one guest ticket or two guest tickets. The tickets cost £15 per person.

You will not be able to purchase guest tickets until 24 hours after you have registered to attend your graduation ceremony.

Your tickets will be given to you when you register at the Usher Hall on the day of your ceremony.

Please do not purchase any more than your maximum allocation of two tickets. You will only be given the maximum of two tickets on the day and any other guests will be turned away.

If your guests have any mobility or special requirements, please email