Digital award certificate

As well as receiving a physical copy of your Edinburgh Napier award certificate, you can now also access a verified, electronic copy of your award certificate which can be shared with others such as potential employers or other universities.


How do I access my digital award certificate?

Your digital award certificate is accessed through a secure web portal delivered by a third-party provider called Gradintelligence. Gradintelligence also provide the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for undergraduate students.

If you are eligible for the digital award certificate, you will receive an email to your Edinburgh Napier University email account from Gradintelligence upon graduation with full instructions about how to activate your account.

Your digital award certificate will become a final electronic document once your degree has been conferred at your graduation ceremony. The digital award certificate will be available around one to two weeks after the final graduation ceremony.

Once you have graduated, you will need to activate your Gradintelligence account within one year of your graduation date to access your digital award certificate. To activate your account, please access the email sent to your University email address.

Who is eligible to receive a digital award certificate?

To receive your Edinburgh Napier digital award certificate, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have graduated with an eligible award from the year 2024 onwards
  • Have achieved at least a Certificate of Higher Education from an undergraduate programme of study or a Postgraduate Certificate from a postgraduate programme of study
  • Have successfully completed the application to graduate, either in attendance or in absentia
  • Studied at one of our UK campuses or online. Students from our international partner campuses are currently unable to access a digital certificate.
  • Have no unpaid or outstanding debts with Edinburgh Napier University

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still get a physical copy of my award certificate?

Yes. You will receive a physical copy of your certificate either at your graduation ceremony or via delivery, depending on what option you choose whilst completing your graduation application.

How much does a digital award certificate cost?

There is no charge to use or to access your digital certificate.

How long do I have access to my digital award certificate?

There is no time limit on access to your digital award certificate. You will have lifelong access once you have activated your Gradintelligence account.

If I have multiple awards from Edinburgh Napier University, will they all be available digitally?

Provided that the awards meet the eligibility criteria, then separate digital certificates will be available for each award.

Who do I contact if my digital award certificate is not accurate?

Please contact if you believe that your digital certificate is incorrect.

Who do I contact if I am having problems accessing my digital award certificate?

If you have any problems accessing your digital certificate you can email Gradintelligence at or complete their 'get in touch' form.

Please provide as much detail as you can about your query. Include your full name, university email address and student number so that they can help.

What do I do if I forget my Gradintelligence password?

For help accessing your account, you contact Gradintelligence by emailing or use the account recovery process provided by Gradintelligence.

I’ve forgotten my Edinburgh Napier student number which I need to recover my account with Gradintelligence. Who should I contact?

Please contact if you need assistance in recovering your student number.

Can I change the name on my digital award certificate?

Your digital award certificate will be issued in the full name as registered on your student account, which is also confirmed via the graduation application process. This will be the same as the physical version of your award certificate.

Edinburgh Napier University will not re-issue your award certificate in a different name once your award has been received and conferred, except in cases where there has been an administrative error or where a retrospective change is required in relation to gender reassignment.

Please contact for further information about name changes on award certificates.

How does Gradintelligence store, process and keep my data?

Detailed information about the type of personal data collected by Gradintelligence can be viewed in their privacy policy.

I would like my data to be removed from the Gradintelligence systems. How can I do this?

You can request for your data to be removed from Gradintelligence through their online Data Request Service. Please note that once you remove your data, you will no longer have access to your digital award certificate and any other documents held by Gradintelligence.