Research Degree Forms

You can find more details about our procedures in the Research Degrees Framework and we have provided links on this page to our research degree forms (If you require an accessible version of this document please contact In most cases these forms must be completed by your Director of Studies.

Applications and admissions

If you are interested in applying for a research degree, you should look at our admissions pages for more information on the types of degrees, fees and how to apply.

RD2 Authorisation for research student admission

RD2-B Authorisation for exceptional (non-standard) entry dates

RD2G Authorisation for research student admission (GTA)

To be used when approving the appointment of a Graduate Training Assistant

RD17 Application for PhD by published works

Progress reviews

RD4 Determination of thesis topic and programme of study

RD5 Confirmation of target degree

RD6 Report on research student progress

Supervision Agreement form – reviewed as part of the biannual progress review

Changes and interruptions to study

RD7 Application for suspension of registration - For students with extenuating circumstances.

RD7-AA Request for approval of authorized absence - For Tier 4 visa-holding research students who need to be absent from University for 5+ days

RD8 Application to change mode of study - For students changing from full-time to part-time, or part-time to full-time study

RD9 Notification of withdrawal of registration

RD10 Application for extension to maximum period of registration

RD11 Application for change to approved supervisory team

RD11-IPC Change of Independent Panel Chair approval.

Stipend-stopper - To be used whenever a student's stipend has to be stopped as a consequence of a progress decision or other change (not including suspended study).

Examination and thesis

RD12 Application for approval of exam arrangements

RD12 checklist - Directors of Studies can use this to assist them when completing form RD12

RD.CV Research degree examiner’s brief CV

RD15 Candidate’s declaration form - You must submit this with your thesis for examination

RD18 Application for extension to deadline for submission of amended thesis - For students with extenuating circumstances post-viva

RD20 Thesis submission - You must submit this with your final, approved version of the thesis

All examiner report forms (RD13, RD14 and RD16) are provided directly to examiners